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Unleash your creative capacities

Our hope is that you will claim this blog space as your own and think outside of the box! You have the authority to create and embed videos, take a poll, offer peer tutorials, decorate the space, and use the blog in every way that you can imagine to enhance your learning experience in this class.

New to Blogger?

Are you new to Blogger? Feeling a bit intimidated? No worries. Here are some help pages and tutorials to get started:

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  1. Libbe, Phyllis

    How does one get to create a blog? I have been looking all over this site for over an hour and am in tears! I am trying to get the "personalization" assignment done on the Course Blog as directed in PLE assignment--to no avail. This site gives all the details to creating a blog but leaves out how to get there. If this is it, where's the "Labels" button, etc."