Saturday, May 10, 2014

Things that keep us up at night.

Valenza, J. K., & Johnson, D. (2009, October). Things that keep us up at night. School Library Journal, pp. 28–32.         Retrieved from

Summary: Although written almost five years ago, this article is a still timely discussion of the changing role of the school library and school librarian. Framing their argument in terms of economic changes, intellectual property shifts, the challenges of embracing the role of technology expert, and the need for advocacy from stakeholders, Valenza & Johnson describe straightforward ways to assess and improve your position as a 21st century librarian.

The call to "evolve, adapt, and thrive" is inspiring and overwhelming. The authors' assertion that this is a critical time in the history of libraries resonates with me as I envision transtioning our school library to a learning commons. I appreciated their succinct discussion of the important trends and concrete ideas on how to adapt to a new role. Many of the ideas echoed strategies discussed in 233.

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