Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yatzee and biscotti: A visit to Southern California's board game cafe

Jolene Kemos

Gonzalez, S. (2014, May 1).  Yatzee and biscotti:  A visit to Southern California’s board game cafe [Web log post].  KCRW Which Way L.A. Retrieved from

Descriptive Summary:
This article profiles a new cafe in Los Angeles. GameHaus houses over 700 board games that range from the traditional to the obscure.  The cafe and model for business responding directly to the needs and wants of the community.  They provide space, snacks, and games catalogued by theme.  As a means of introducing patrons to new games, they offer regular special events and tutorials. Further mention is made of the culture that is developing in which strangers are willing to play with each other, or support the learning of new games. Employees are tasked as "sherpas" to bring patrons into the full experience of the gaming options.

It is very inspiring to see models of user service and participatory service in unexpected places. GameHaus models meeting the needs and desires of a community and employs its customers as creators of knowledge content and expertise.  This is a perfect analogy to the participatory culture we are trying to cultivate in LIBR 233.  

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