Monday, May 12, 2014

Transforming a drab library

Gilcreast, J. (2014). FROM DRAB TO FAB. Knowledge Quest, 42(4), 38-43.

Jessica Gilcreast is a librarian in New Hampshire. In this recounting, she describes the years-long process of transforming a library both physically (furniture, layout) and spiritually, transforming the culture of the school to recognize the value of a library (complete with librarian).

Breaking it down to a year-by-year description with the incremental goals, Gilcreast reveals creative problem solving techniques (grant-writing, advocating to the PTA) combined with an ambitious agenda to transform her library.

Librarians who work in or have worked in inner-city schools will recognize the institutional neglect combined with the students who deserve more – and get it from Ms. Gilcreast.

--Jono Jones

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