Sunday, May 4, 2014

This blog is about Blendspace, a free website for students and teachers to organize and share information on the web. Teachers can assess student understanding and track student progress in real time.  Blendspace used to be called Educanvas. Teachers can use Blendspace to “flip” their classrooms and for differentiation. Students can upload their projects and assignments to the site. Teachers can add classes with up to 35 students. It can also be used at a school level with unlimited hosting for all teachers and students and even administrative accounts to help with implementation. There is a premium version with a cost of $4.00 per student. The premium version allows for voice commands, Google Docs style collaboration, and private webinar training.
YouTube Tutorial

I learned about Blendspace just this week from a colleague. She is very excited about the possibilities, so I decided to do some research and found this blog. This is a great blog for learning about Blendspace. I included a YouTube video to show how easy this site is to use.

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